Coptic Animated Series Concept
A concept I developed in conjunction with my senior thesis paper that explored SWANA (Southwest Asian, North African) stereotypes in Western animation.
Pareidolia: the tendency to see a significant image in a random pattern or object, often pertaining to seeing faces. 
The Chamber of Golden Arms
Storyboard practice for an action fight sequence. The four-armed guardian is inspired by a character design from Tanner Wilson. 
The Great Divide
An original story: Centuries ago, a natural disaster on a planet of mostly small rodents trapped many of them underground. Separated, the two groups physically evolved to exist in their habitats, one in the dark underground and one above ground where living conditions are declining. Over time, they forget about each other’s existence until one day, the rodents above discover those below in their search for a more hospitable habitat.
Art Class Romance
A college student flirts with a classmate using digital art.
Hamilton Fanimatic
A story concept for the song Burn performed by Phillipa Soo in the musical Hamilton.
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